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    Wanted to post this a few weeks ago, but it slipped my mind. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your write up for the flag football teams on your website. Everyone knows the great coverage Big Red's athletics program receives on, but even I didn't know that you took the time to give even the little ones their moment of glory. My son played for the Colts, and after their championship win, he was super excited to see his team picture on the site as well as his name being mentioned in the recap (D.C.)

    The time you dedicate to all the young men and women who participate athletically for Steubenville City Schools is greatly appreciated. And for me personally, THANK YOU for giving the young ones their just due as well! Major rep up!!!
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    From one avid Ohio Valley supporter to another, well done my friend.

    I know what you go through to maintain a good site - and I appreciate your commitment as well. I wish other schools were lucky enough to have somebody devote that kind of time towards their community.
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    Yes, JP and others do a great job with their site... My buddy had a great site in the RedskinsChop, but unfortunate circumstances closed it down. Working on getting it back, but its going to take close to a grand to get the domain name back... i can only imagine what it would take to get a site like this back if it go into 3rd world country hands...

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    My pleasure Redbone. I would like to do a lot more, but sometimes getting cooperation from the coaches can be difficult.

    Hearing stories like that from your son is the reason that we do what we do...and keep trying to do it.


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